None of us are in this alone.

Yesterday, talking with a client, I found myself saying to him, We have put all this energy into leadership development, like you’re supposed to go into your office and figure out how to be better at this. That doesn’t work. And, to boot, it’s not what leadership even is. At the end of the day, leadership is everyone, together, participating. It’s your team. It’s your boss and their boss. It’s a vast web of relationships. You can’t figure this out on your own, nor should you. You need them and they you. All of this is embedded in relationship. That’s the heart of it”

Or something like that, anyway.

The more I think about this — and reflect on its meaning in my life — the more I think it’s true if everything. Our culture has lost the plot. We’ve become disconnected from a core truth: we’re in this together. No point in it being otherwise.

May we find our way back to that.

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