Rock on.

Last night was fun. We went to see a band called Walk Off The Earth. They were in town on their most recent tour. Here’s the thing about this band: their existence seems to be about enjoying the moment. They put in a highly produced and highly choreographed performance that felt natural and engaging. One just loses themselves in the performance. At the end of the show, Sarah Blackwood said, Every penny you pay for tickets or merchandise goes right back into these shows.” That was clear. They didn’t hold back at all.

This has me thinking. First, what is at the heart of what any of us are doing? For WOTE, it seems to be fully enjoying life. And, what are we investing in that? Are we putting it all back in to ensure we are successful?

Not bad, eh? To get to rock out for a while and to get some insights. Pretty good for a rock show.

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