It matters

What are the riskiest conversations that are before us? What are the things that, if we were able to say them, we would be completely free, inside and out? What are the things that are asking to be brought forth into the world? I once heard someone say, If it feels risky to share, it must be important.”

The things that are risky are the things that weigh on our hearts. This can mean pain, and this can mean unexpressed gifts — which may very well be the same thing.

What’s on our hearts matters. Our getting free matters.

Note: I feel compelled to make a clarification, as I often see posts related to content like this as assuming that everyone experiences risk and pain in the same way. I want to acknowledge that this is not true. For people of African heritage, for Indigeonous peoples, and for other People of Color, this is certainly not the case. Risk, freedom, and pain are very different things than what I am describing. This isn’t to say that there isn’t necessarily a resonance with the sentiments above, but I don’t want to make the assumptions here that ultimately center whiteness.

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