A prayer

I’m open to what life brings to me. This is the the prayer I’d like to send out. Let’s move through it together. We are here, so why not? Let’s let the personal part of it resolve. Let it go. It’s not about what we are calling us, this grand unfolding. I get it — I’m not awakened. Not immune to the trappings of my story. I’ll contract again. Yet, here, int his moment, I can say with an honesty that mapped to my integrity: Here I am. I am ready. Hineni. I am here.

I feel God all around me. This mind, the pressure on my ankle, my knee. The grip of the pen. I hear God in the plane flying above. See God in the sniffing of my dog. This is life. It’s the most important thing. The only thing. And it’s within all of the unimportant things — as it’s all important. A wounded one’s apartment. A lost one’s rage. A sacred one’s shutdown. A sensitive one’s overwhelm. God envelopes it all, for God is those things.

This life is one grand expression — one we find by working. My fear of my whiteness, and the ways racism moves through me. Let me be more direct: the ways in which I am racist. The fear BIPOC1 folk have of my whiteness, and the arem they are caused. Let me again be more direct: the ways I harm them.

This is all God.

Where God is the name given to Is-ness. To Life itself. To the All That Is. Where God is the invitation to more. Where more is the expansion of our lives. And where each breath brings new connection to Is-ness.

This is a prayer for this moment. May it unfold for each of us — in our own way. May it take root in our souls as a healing. And may it bring peace to those afflicted by the perturbation of existence.

May it be so.

  1. Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color.

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