Mind the gap*

On any given day, all of us stand at the edge of a gap — a gap between what is true for us right now (our current reality), and what is possible. Another name for this possibility is aspiration, for aspiration is possibility that is longed for within the heart. We all have this, recognized or not. That gap, the space between current reality and aspiration, is the space of our most honest humanness. It is messy. It is unknown, uncomfortable. It is where learning happens. Where relationships form. Where we get to know ourselves. To find out who we are — and need to be — becoming.

This gap is the space of integrity. Well, it’s the space of integrity when we are willing to acknowledge its existence, and when we are transparent about our journey within and though it.

This, to me, is more and more what this human journey is about. Being messy. Being imperfect. Being, well, being.

The last few months have contained a lot of learnings for me. There’s a lot that’s spinning. Probably too much, really. I’ll likely write soon about the question of where the hell to start that I’m sitting with. But mostly what I’m thinking about is, where do I need to get messy? Where do I need to step into that gap?

*Sorry, I had to1.

  1. Did you, though?

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