Wholeness is a result of intention. Of purpose — as in, on purpose. From this perspective, it’s probably fair to say that most of us are fragmented. Fractured along lines drawn for us by others. From our educations, where we were told what we need to learn, to our online lives, where FOMO can rule the roost; from our careers — create a deep expertise, or have little to no value — to how we spend our evenings. Must see TV, anyone?

And beyond, of course.

I’m realizing that this is probably coming across as being pretty negative. I get that. My intent is really to call something out. That thing is that to have intention in our lives is to have a deep freedom. And it’s something that’s not taught very well. It’s not something that is baked into how we are raised. How we are taught to be together.

I’m learning some things about this as I engage in this whole digital declutter thing. Taking things that are habitual out of my life leaves a space to be filled. What will fill it? Well, ideally, something held with intention would fill it. I’m finding that this adds an entire layer to this little experiment. It’s a layer that takes a bit of extra work. A layer that will require a new kind of effort. Today I haven’t been very good at this. I’ve largely fallen into some old patterns, albeit with some new constraints around them.

This is the beautfiful thing, though. Every moment is an opportunity to start over. This is one of my favorite things in the world. Each moment a beginning. Each moment a new offering. Regardless of the last one. Even if I (we) was (were) perfect in that last moment. THis one is another opportunity to make an offering of intention. For it is truly a prayer in many ways. It’s a prayer we send with our energy. Our attention.

All we have.

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