Sparking joy

My friend Olivier wants to turn Marie Kondo’s name into a verb. To Kondo; or, to live only with what sparks joy. I want to Kondo my digital life.

I finally picked up a copy of Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism. I’m a bit surprised by what it ended up being. I’m not sure why, but it’s a lot easier to read than I thought it would be. As I moved my way through part one, where he outlines why and how one might choose to declutter — read: Kondo — their digital lives, it ocurred to me, Hey…June has 30 days. I should d05o my declutter in June.”

Oh, in that first section, he talks about literally doing a 30 day declutter. It looks like this: take any and all digital tools that aren’t 100% required for your life off of your phone and puter1. Get this. For 30 days. Then you slowly add back what you feel, well, what would Kondo the hell out of your digital life. So, I’m steamrolling my way there. June is very soon. So I have things to do.

It does not mean that I will stop posting here. While this isn’t required from a standpoint of being necessary for work, it is from the stanpoint of keeping these writing channels open. Yes, it’s the key in my life at this point. Who knew.

I suspect I’ll write more about this as I get into in.

Wish me luck.

  1. I just think it’s a cute way to refer to computers.

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