Kids in the Bux

For a while now, I’ve been going to a particular Starbucks to get work done. Primarily, it’s because it’s very close to the place where my wife and I have our mailbox. There was a period where it just made sense. I knew a package would be going there, so I’d park at that Starbucks, work for a while; eventually, I’d get notice that a package had arrived. When I was done working, I’d pick up the package and head home. Going there became kind of a habit.

Here’s the thing, though: It’s a busy Starbucks. And when the kids come, it gets loud. What I mean by kids is, well, kids. High school kids, to be exact. They come in three waves, generally stating at a bit after 11am. They get out for lunch, and swarm this particular shopping center. You can imagine that Starbucks is a popular haunt for them. It’s kind of nutes.

The habit of going to this Starbucks has pretty much always trumped the fact that it’s so freaking loud in there when they come. I’m not sure, but it has. Until today.

Today, I decided to get some work done — a particular piece of work that’s been on my mind all weekend. I started to type, and boom. I was struck by the almost inability to do anything. It wasn’t just loud, their energy was disruptive. I couldn’t do squat. I decided that I need to make a shift. In fact, I need to make a pretty big shift. I need to find a different place to get this work done. Indeed, a different way to get it done.

All of this is to say that I can feel in my being a need to do some of these things differently. In differnet spaces. At different times. With different intentions. There is something about the way the energy from those kids hit me that told me that I need to adjust. It’s as much an internal energetic adjustment as it is about the location that I’m trying to write.

This is a thread to follow. Let’s see where it goes.

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