There is room - NaPoWriMo Day 9

Never mind the acceleration of the
stars, gas, whirling galaxies as
they race away from the center
of all things — if there ever
was one. Nor the vast, plains of
the mid-west, stretching as far
as the naked eye can see. Never mind
the cranes, stretching high over head
building new home after new
home. Space has never been the
issue. It’s what lies in the hearts
of one person, and the next. As
community forms, who we hold
and who we don’t defines us.
A dance club in DC on a
freezing winter night. Their No”
says more about what they can’t
see about themselves than anything.
We don’t have to be friends. We
don’t even have to get along.
Regardless, we must recognize:
There is room. There is always


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