A bit on outcomes

There is, I think, another piece to the dropping our expertise thing. That is : letting go of outcomes. Our idea of what should” happen, or if what we want to happen (maybe especially this), is tied up in our knowing. The only way we could predict what success looks like is if we know where we are going. To let go of the knowing where we are going is to let go of the knowing of the outcome.

I’m going to take it a step further, though. Let go of the idea of outcome.

Let that sink in for a moment.

What if we opened ourselves to not knowing so much that we were willing to enter into whatever experience was before us, trusting that it would prove itself to be what was required of the moment?

Funny, even that statement sneaks in an outcome, doesn’t it? This is some kind of tricky stuff we’re playing with. The depths of programming within us — to look, at all times, for what I’ll get out of this” — are quickly revealed.

Sitting here now, looking back at what has come through, I can see how I’m wrestling with something — an inner-knowing, and a desire to share that which isn’t fully integrated. This wrestling is, I think, what makes up the space between knowing and not knowing. A space that pulls us forward toward something we can’t define until we get there. And by then, we’re likely off to a new place once again.

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