Rob Bell says something along the lines of:

We all have faith in something. Regardless of statements to the contrary, those who don’t believe in the idea of faith hold a faith in something that they aren’t seeing. We can have faith that there is no God.

Goodness, that’s such a horrible paraphrase of his quote, but I hope the point comes across. The thing is, we are all saying Yes” to something. Sometimes it’s a very clear yes,” one that is conscious and goes with some external expression. For example, I’ve said Yes” to my wife. We are in a committed relationship that is called marriage. Indeed, we said Yes” to each other in front of other people, which is part of what makes marriage a powerful thing. We’ve both also said Yes” to our dog, Buckley. He’s a big part of our lives, and by allowing that to be, we both said, Yes.”

This is on my mind because I was talking to a friend today about the experience I’ve been having lately as I get clearer in thinking about my work. I notice various tensions playing out. I said to him, To do that1 would be, in a way, to betray a part of myself.” He responded, Well, at least you know what you’re faithful to. What you’ve said Yes’ to.” That struck me as really being true.

Saying Yes” doesn’t mean that things will flow easily. In fact, it can mean the exact opposite. Especailly when the thing we said Yes” to goes against the conventional approach to things. This can create a significant experience of dissonance in our systems. It would especially create dissonance if we are surrounded by people who believe strongly that the thing we are talking about or trying to do isn’t going to work, or real, or that it matters. This, unfortunately, is a common reaction to things. Especially new things.

So, it’s this Yes” that I’m working with right now. Something that i’m trying to feel more deeply into. Where can it lead me? What if following it means that the tension and dissonance only increase? I suppose there’s really only one way to know. Keep saying Yes.”

  1. Really, it doesn’t matter what. :-)

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