(Untitled) — NaPoWriMo Day 26

What if it doesn’t feel the way
you think it should?”

Frozen. The world still passes.
The day-to-day is tended to
through putting one foot in
front of the other.

Perhaps this is a gift. Perhaps
this is what’s asked of you.”

Sometimes there’s movement,
a sense of knowing. That can
fall away, toward a gravitational
center that seems so far

This may be the thing you
have been waiting for. What
would it be like to be with it?”

The tension is physical. It lives
in the body. In the nerves. It’s
alive, almost a part.

Maybe this is what you’ve said
’Yes” to.”

Coherence is what tells us what
is true. Coherence is what tells
us where to look for our path.
Coherence is what tells us about
our lives.


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