And now we say our… — NaPoWriMo Day 19

A little playfulness is
Becoming of even the most
Cunning of the ruthless
Demagogues. Finding the way they can
Enjoy their lives,
Finally free of the frenetic
Gyrations of their inner world.
Have you heard of the
Inspired notion of holding
Just enough of your thoughts,
Knowing that there would be enough. Learning for one lifetime?
Many are foolish enough to believe it, but
No one could possibly live this way.
Only the foolish would try.
Perhaps by engaging in
Resistance toward the popular ideas,
Society will right itself.
Trying to
Undermine a fast moving idea is the height of
Whether we try to hold this together through will or
Xanthans, there is an invitation to opening our minds — mine and
Yours - to something as satisfying as becoming
Zombified. El fin.


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