A natural way

We can be settled. Grounded. At ease. We can move from this place. To engage with other from a place that feels like it is rested down and back. At least, that’s how I’ve experienced it. In small moments within myself, but mostly in moments with others who live from this place. These people often bring us there, especially when it is fully integrated into their being. This is different, I think, than a state experience. It is an expression of an internal alignment — alignment of body, mind, heart, spirit. Often, we experience this as a space of transmission, of support, of channeling. This is how we can all be.

I’m sitting with this after spending the week with a friend who exemplifies this. Being with her (as well as getting some very excellent coaching) supported me in sensing into this space in myself. It’s a relational space. It’s an embodied space. It’s a space that I have great inquiry about. I find myself wondering about the full impact of leaning into this space on the potentiality of my life. This, I think, is some of the most impactful work I could do for myself, and for my life in this world. Oh, and yours too.

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