How to be normal - NaPoWriMo Day 1

I thought I’d check out the prompt from the #NaPoWriMo website to get things rolling for this challenge.

…write poems that provide the reader with instructions on how to do something.” As soon as I saw it, this started to flow out.

How to be normal

Begin by winning the genetic lottery;
landing in a part of the world with
means and resources, and, above all,
a sense of entitlement. Look like the
ones who hold the reigns. Erase the
history of the backs upon which it
was built, determine that it was
only the hard work of your direct
ancestors that opened your doors.
Even better, be a self-made man.
Add in systems designed to maintain
conditions of oppression and suffering
and a healthy dose of media,
capitalism, and let’s not forget the
Patriarchy. Optional: consciously
hate those who seem different to
you. But do not over do, for
too obvious will make it gauche.


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