How to change your life

I started writing in my journal a bit ago, hoping that it would pull me out of the what the heck do I write for liberat.es” headspace that I’ve found myself in this afternoon. I ended up writing a poem that might have some nuggets in it. I wrote a bunch of nonsense as well. Who knows, the poem might be nonsense. Only time will tell. Regardless, here I am, typing away for this space. Nothing profound. Just some obesrvations. Nothing that will change a life. Just making something a bit more real by naming it.

I find that giving myself an on ramp” like my journal is useful. What’s better is commitment. Not just to the publishing, but to the writing. That’s what I should really be focusing on. Pay attention not just to the desired outcome, but to the path that gets you there.

Maybe that deserves a title worthy of clickbait. :-)

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