Just eat a banana

This morning I got up as I tend to do. I did these new breathing exercises I’ve been trying[^1], did my exercises, got the coffee pot going; all the stuff of the first hour of the morning. I grabbed a banana and sat down on the couch. Next thing I knew, I was holding my phone and opening my email app. I looked at the phone for a moment and said to myself, why don’t we just eat a banana?” Setting the phone aside, I peeled said banana and ate it. It was pretty darn good.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been in this exploration of what is it like to re-imagine my relationship with technology. I’ve made some forward motion, but not really. This morning, I was reminded: sometimes it makes sense to just eat a banana.

There are some principles that I’ve used to help me in this:

  • No looking at my phone from Point A to Point B (in other words, if I’m walking or driving somewhere, there is no need to just pull out my phone and look at it).
  • Always have a purpose for getting on the phone/computer.
  • Take a breath before getting on the device.

I feel like there were more, but I’m not remembering them right now.

Anyway, I’m taking this banana moment as a reminder. It’s possible to have a relationship with my technology that’s useful, and not distracting.

Here’s to the next step.

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