Real quick

I just saw a post on LinkedIn that said something like, Don’t just do what’s asked of you, always ask yourself how you can do more.” My sense of this is that the intent of this is to point toward being better than the lowest common denominator. Aim higher. Do something outstanding. Yet, I can’t help but also interpret this through the lens of our world of productivity that says, find more to do. Be busier. Put in the extra hours to show you care.” This, if I may be so bold, is a cancer on our world. It is a perspective that drives us toward a way of being that is, ultimately, unsustainable.

What if instead, the LinkedIn quote was something like, Don’t just do what’s asked of you, do it better. Which might mean doing less, taking more time, and making sure that you could feel your heart and spirit throughout the entire process.”

Maybe this would serve life a bit more. Wouldn’t it be nice if all that we did, indeed, served life?

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