A few sketches

  • The world is - ultimately - governed by justice and equity (which are forever intertwined);
  • People are inherently good. Life is inherently good;
  • LIfe is moving toward something. A larger directin that we cannot know;
  • Life is a sacred experience and is its own purpose. Ultimately, everything else is a costume or decoration;
  • This sacred experience is had through relationships - with the self, with other people, with ideas, with spirit, with the manifest world;
  • These aren’t ideas to be codified, they are experiences to be had;
  • There are many gateways, but the most profound may be awe;
  • This is what matters, and should” be where we focus our energy.

As I think about the underlying philosophy that governs my life, this came out as a set of foundational presumptions.

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