Let’s just say that today I have a bit of cause for some nerves. There could be a fair amount of the line. So I’ve been prepping. The way one preps when the outcome could possibly change the game. As you do.

I’m driving downtown, and listening to a podcast. Suddenly, my stomach goes crazy. The butterflies come out in full force. I’m all a flutter. It moves from the stomach to my hands, over my heart, up into my face. Almost immediately I notice my mind begin to go toward its toolbox of defenses — what can make this feeling go away?

But I decided to override the order. We’re staying with it this time. Let it move. The nerves shifted to energy. I noticed an alertness. And, oddly, a kind of calm. Alertness became my state.

Interesting. Let it move. Why stick to old patterns? Especially when they don’t particularly work any more.

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