The obvious

Sometimes gratitude for what is not present is the most relevant sort.

Last Wednesday morning I found myself in the ER with what turned out to be a kidney stone. It’s painful, if you’ve never had one. Flash forward nearly 24 hours, after popping another pain pill (some super strong Ibuprofen), and pacing around down stairs as another wave of pain passed through. I get into bed. I’m lying there, feeling good. Not just better, but really good.

This is how I usually feel,” I thought. But I never notice it.” Not only do I not notice it, I don’t generally have gratitude for it. Why would I? It’s just the normal state of things, right?

Contrast might be a critical thing here. I also think there’s a conditioning that’s at work. A conditioning that hides the most obvious from us.

What is obvious right now, that deserves greater attention? What might shift if we look at it? What might grow? What might we let go? What becomes possible?

It seems to me, it’s endless.

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