It’s not uncommon for me to dig into something I’m experiencing for a lesson or take-away. I’m notnecessarily the best at being able to take these lessons and then fully integrate them into my life. I do try, but I have my weaknesses, you know. That said, I like to be able to grab these things and codify them in a way; to put them somewhere. That somewhere, these days, is here. :-)

Today it’s this: there are things we don’t have control over. Period. For the most part, this includes literally anything having to do with other people. It’s tempting to think if we have direct reports, we can control them. Or if we’re parents (or partners!). It’s tempting to think that if we’re working on a project with others, that we can control expected outcomes. We can’t. There’s nothing to be done, but to put out a request, and then see what the response is. No amount of pushing or pulling is going to change that. And then things will either unfold or they won’t. Scratch that. They’ll unfold, alright. Just what will it look like?

My friend likes to quote a colleague - you can be sure something interesting will happen.

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