Down the street they are cleaning a car. The sounds of the hose make their way into awareness. The breeze tickles the skin of the hands and the cheeks. It bright, my eyes squint. Cars rush past in the freeway, two blocks away. Birds are here, gifting us with their song. It’s February, and seems like it should be too early for this, but here they are! The blue sky a perfect backdrop for these beautiful clouds. Perfection. My breath feels natural, if slightly contracted. A new car on the street introduces a new suite of sounds. They blend into to whole. I notice the saliva in my mouth. The neighbors dogs bark. Mine quietly replies. A cloud obscured the sun and the air grows instantly cool. I feel my seat in this chair. A rustle in the ivy. A thought: what is it? This moment draws to a close.

Life being lived. Notice, noticer.

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