I’ve been listening to some Rob Bell stuff lately. He’s got a program called Something to Say” for people who need to communicate. This is, I think, pretty relevant for most of us. All of us, even. One of the things he speaks to in the beginning is how we all have things we can share. We all have lived lives. And we are all experts in them. Regardless of our background, our education level, our freakin’ status in the world, we have lived experience that matters. It means something. And we can extract from that experience things that others would find useful and/or meaningful. Dare I say, even, beautiful.

His words:

You are an authority on your experience.

Personally, I find this highly liberating. Why is that? Because I can feel this. I can feel, in my experience things that aren’t meant just for me. They are meant for others as well. And this perspective, well, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for the voice that says, Who the hell am I?” Know that one?

We’ve all been blessed with these things called lives. Whose to say that what happens in them is just about those living them? I think it’s way bigger than that. There’s a reason we can tell stories. There’s a reason we can translate our unique experience into things such as poetry, songs, tales, paintings. And even more mundane: text messages and emails. Phone calls. Letters.

This isn’t an accident. We’re all experts. Each and every one of us.

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