Get surprised

It’s fascinating to get around people who are really into something. Who have been lit on fire by an idea or an activity, and who are consumed by it. A friend has recently caught the podcast bug. He’s been playing with the platform. Learning about it. Getting better at producing, coming up with concepts, creating ideas. He’s saying yes” at every step. He’s reaching out and connecting people. He’s asking how can I help?” It’s awesome to be around.

We all have this energy. The reason it’s awesome to be around is it stirs something in us. We start to awaken to a passion within. We start to feel a desire to bring something forward. It’s not the what that matters, it’s the why. Getting clear on that is far more important than coming up with the” thing. To take the next step…that’s what Elizabeth Gilbert calls magic. I’m pretty sure by focusing on this energy as it comes alive, by connecting to the why things will fall into place.

This, however, likely requires being surprised by what things will fall into place” might mean.

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