What the trees have to tell us

What does the world have to teach us? Everything, I think. It’s been an interesting journey, this human experience. In many ways, we’ve figured out how to pull ourselves out and above the natural” world. We’ve conquered the cold with heat, heat with air conditioning, transportation limitations with cars and planes, the need to find or hunt our food on a day-to-day basis with grocery stores and global food supply networks. We’ve done” it. We’ve conquered the world.

But at what cost?

Millions (billions?) starve. Rainforests have disappeared. Wetlands are dry. Species gone. And we turn on one another in ways that transcend even the craziest of turf wars from a more primitive” time.

There are a lot of people exploring ways to shift the systems we’ve generated to be more in line with the way that natural” world works. Why? Because that natural” world is just the world. And if we don’t align with it eventually, we are in trouble. We may already be. And so may the planet.

I had the great joy of continuing a conversation with a colleague today that started a couple of months ago, one that is connected to this. And, more specifically, to this. These trees have something to teach us about our community. And my colleague and I are going to take a few steps down the path of learning something from them. Would love it if you’d join us. I’m sure the chance will arrive soon enough.

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