I can be pulled into about four different directions right now. Indeed, my mind currently is being pulled into at least two or three. I’m noticing that part of it is that I don’t fully trust what I’m doing right now. Not the activity, myself in the activity. I’m kind of shooting for some perfectionism. So I’m stuck. And I’m letting myself move toward things that aren’t going to help in the long run. This task will take longer if I let it. So I need to get off it, and just get that SFD down. It’s that simple. Why make it any harder than it has to be?

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Even on a day like today… The sun’s out in Seattle today. It’s like springtime. It’s…amazing. (If a little scary). So the city kinda feels alive. It doesn’t seem like it
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Trade off Sometimes, I have to let go of the idea that there is a set way to do what’s on my plate. If I can do that, I’m free to just open up to whatever