…and justice for all (and that means all)

Seth Godin (who I seem to reference here a lot) says that you are the worst boss. Why? Because you (probably) talk to yourself in ways that you would never put up with from someone else (among other reasons). This is, of course, generalized. But it’s probably pretty accurate. Most of us (present company included) have some pretty severe inner critics.

Today, a friend shared with me the idea that if I hold justice as a core value (which I do), than I should extend it to myself as well as to those in the world form whom I/we fight. Inner oppression is a kind of oppression. It’s real. Sometimes it can be more real because it’s impacting our ability to see the ways in which we are free.

Not to get into a fight. Not to take down the man’” (where, in this case, the man” is the inner critic). But to extend the idea of rights and justice to the self.

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