It can be a bittersweet time of year, can’t it? I was just texting a friend whose parent’s wedding anniversary is 12/24, which is, obviously, Christmas Eve. Of course, those of us who are Jewish (like myself and my friend and her family) call it Monday.” Thing is, her father died a little more than twenty years ago. That’s only one reason for bittersweet-ness. I’m sure there are millions.

It’s my hope to hold the joy many feel around the holidays this time of year next to the pain many feel. The loneliness, the loss. There can be a sense of abandonment or simply feeling like one never mattered. For each feeling of joy and gratitude, there is bound to be an equal an opposite feeling of pain and sadness. This is, of course, always true, but magnetized this time of year. For me, the desire to hold it in my awareness comes as both a sense of compassion and empathy for the world, but also for my own healing.

May this time of year be one in which we can all move closer to an understanding that bridges that which divides. Love to all….

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