The lost week

Have you ever lost a week? Like, it fell under the couch, or perhaps down a drain while you were walking the dog. Maybe you left it at the library, under the table, and it never showed up at lost and found. It’s just…gone. It’s a horrible feeling.

Well, the horrible feeling is really just the remnants of the cold that knocked me onto my ass this past week. It had me sleeping. When not sleeping, it had me enjoying the never-ending streaming possible on Netflix (thank you, Netflix!). It’s been a while since I was sick enough to be able to really say that I lost a week. But, there you have it. A bunch of things to start over. Meditation streak. Exercise streak (I get it, I get it, Apple Watch. Please stop yelling at me!).

But here’s the real frame I’m going to put on this: it’s a reboot week. I get to start a bunch of things over. And I get to let the reboot tell me what’s important. There are some things I need” to figure out”. Instead, I think I’ll let the energy of the reboot help point me in the right” right1 direction.

Here’s to losing a week!

  1. This time, by right I mean in the way that the Buddha would have meant it - that which most serves.

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