The two way street

As you might imagine, it’s an honor to be invited into someone’s development process. I’m really lucky in that, on a pretty regular basis, I get to work with people who are interested in asking some tough questions, who are looking at what makes them tick, and are trying to figure out how they can do it” better. Sometimes, I end up with a client who is going through the motions. But for the most part, people are interested in digging in.

The coaching that I get to be a part of, it turns out, is a two way thing. I always find myself learning something about myself as a coach, as well as learning something about myself as a person. In other words, I get out of it at least as much as my clients do. It’s gratifying in that way.

To me, it’s a great example of how when we show up for someone, something in us gets touched. Something in us can be transformed. Something in us can be moved. In short. There is no them. It’s just us.

A note: I’ve decided to not write and post on Shabbat - which is Saturdays. This s

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