You know those stories, where the business person works their entire life building a fortune, accumulating power, and attaining all of the things, only to learn, too late, that the real joy of life lives in the simplicity of relationship - be it with a spouse, child, or the forest? Where the lesson is poignant - pay attention to right now; to the people and creatures and beauty around you. To the things that lift your heart and bring tears to your eyes. To music that reverberates through your body, causing your feet to tap and take off dancing. Where the lesson seems so personal and immediate.

What if this is one of those stories? Your life. Right now. In the midst of whatever that is for you. And what if it’s not too late? You’re able to…to get away with it? To have your cake and eat it too. You can enjoy the riches you’ve pulled together (which can mean so many different things), while also learning to let go of that focus. And to bring to bear the fortune of life. The one life that calls to you beyond the pretense of career, status, position. The one that screams for you to feel the depths - all of the depths. And gives you the opportunity to spread joy, comfort pain, and teach a new generation how to let it all through. Imagine that. To shortcut a tragedy. To circumvent doom. To wake up, smiling each morning. And to know the sun rose over you, just as it had every day, saying, welcome.”

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