Lesson learned

My relationship to Twitter has been a bit of a strange one. Honestly, I’ve never quite understood how to use it very well. Recently, as we’ve faced some very challenging times in our country, I began getting more and more involved on the site, posting and re-tweeting some things that I felt were important. In the midst of this, I stumbled into a tweet that just, um, rubbed me wrong. I replied. I replied in a way that my wife calls hate tweeting”, as in hate tweeting can be very satisfying sometimes.”

It’s really not important what the brief exchanges were about. What is important is what it brought into my notifications on Twitter. It brought in aggressive and condescending comments. It brought in ideology and, well, snarkyness, which, in some ways, is justified, as that’s where I was coming from. Yeah, I kinda got just desserts.

I learned a lesson in this. I’m only going to use these platforms so as to create connection. I don’t want to distance. This likely means staying out of conversations that aren’t really conversations…they are just opportunities to be right, to put another down. To create an other. I’m done with that. I never really wanted it to begin with, but was kind of seduced.

No, I’m only participating if we are stepping toward each other. It’s the world I want to create, so it’s the way I’m going to behave.

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