Going alone through the hard things is a fools errand. I suppose that’s a little riff on the ideas I rote about yesterday. However, then I was talking about the general need for belonging in life. What I’m referring to here is that it’s better to have a partner to navigate challenges that are specific. In this (read: my) case, it’s the tides, and ebbs and flows of work. I think a mistake I’ve made in the past is believing I had to figure it out myself. Today, I’m much more comfortable looking a friend in the eye and saying, I have no idea what is next.” This, my friend, is quite liberating.

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Belonging The human condition is one about belonging. We simply cannot thrive unless we are in relationship. ~ john a powell1 Belonging is topic that’s
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A kind of bad poem with a heart (that we/I could use right now) The darkness can never conquer the light. This is one of those universal truths. It will try, have no doubt. It will seek to use your heart and mind