The right frequency

Sometimes it feels like an uphill slog. I think they call it sysyphean, yeah? Making something happen. Forcing it. It can feel like forcing it, anyway. There’s that famous saying, fake it til ya make it.” We’ve all been given that one. Goodness, lord only knows I’ve heard that one a million times. But what if that’s (sometimes) a dead end? What if the fake it is really just you (or, ahem, me) putting on airs, and abandoning something really important - our heart and soul? What if what’s really going on is us attending to the wrong thing?

I’ve started to think about things in terms of frequency, like a radio dial. It’s an analogy that’s going to go the way of the dodo, I’m sure, so I’m going to wear it out while I can. Sure, I can try to make something that would appeal to a huge group of people, but I’m likely to miss the boat if I do. Better to make something that’s authentic to me, and let the work attract the right people. In that way, the work acts as a radio dial, finding the appropriate frequency.

Same goes for the work itself. What if what I’m doing at any given moment is adjacent to the right”1 frequency? Well, if my radio is any indicator, there’d be some static. So, what do I do? Change me? Or tweak the work? Keep tweaking until the signal blasts through - no noise.

I think it’s the later. The more I think about this, the more I think it’s about a conversation with the world: what’s the frequency, Kenneth? (Assuming the world’s given name is Kenneth…also…this).

  1. By right, I’m not talking about correct…I’m more referring to the Buddha’s 8 fold path. Check it out.

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