During the Q&A on a recent episode of Akimbo, Seth Godin brought up the idea of design thinking in relation to helping people see that something needs to change - while not coming off as attacking the work that they have done in that area. What’s at the heart of this (at least as I understood it) is asking a basic question: what is this for?

The given example is education - where the caller feels he gets told that he is telling his fellow teachers that their work is for naught. Asking the question has us start to analyze why it is that we believe we should be teaching students. If we get honest with ourselves, we begin to see that if what teaching is for is to help young people grow to be creative, inventive, and thriving adults, we aren’t doing a very good job of it.

This question - what is this for? - has been with me since hearing him talk about it. What is my work for? What is it that I hope to get out of doing the things that I’m doing? As I’ve thought about this, one word comes up for me: Liberation. It’s what lies at the heart of what I want to do. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that is connected to this, which I’m not going to go into here. Perhaps I’ll unpack it in this space over time. We’ll see. I’m feeling a bit like that’s what I want to do. But we’ll have to see.

Funny though, right? That I called this space Liberat.es. I’ve carried that name around for a while. And now I’m starting to see why.

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