Remember Forget Remember

We don’t always remember to do the things. To floss. To take out the trash. To grab the bananas at the store. To write in our 30 days of writing. This is the danger of slipping into the mode of I should just skip that vacation days.” See? Who did it serve?

If you can’t guess, this isn’t written on 10/10. No. It’s been less than 11 hours since it hasn’t been 10/10, so I’m feeling okay about it.

The thing about not remembering is the opportunity it gives to remember. In other words, it may very well be that the not remember is as important. In mindfulness meditation, we are told that the most important moment is the remembering and coming back to the breath. It’s not important to not think. Just to notice. Which, by default, makes the second most important moment the forgetting. Imagine that.

So I forgot to write yesterday, but I’m writing then anyway. Why not just make this today’s post? Well, I do like my streaks. And it can’t hurt to push myself to write a bit more today, can it? So there you have it.

Remember. Forget. Remember. Live.

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