A Riff

Today I listed to an episode of On Being on which Krista Tippet interviewed angel Kyodo williams, titled The World Is Our Field Of Practice. There was a ton in this interview that could be explored, but something that was rather large for me was that she points to the spiritual work we must do if we ever intend to actually heal the world. williams used the terms spiritual work” and inner work” interchangeably throughout the conversation she had with Tippet, which I thought made a lot of sense. To speak of the spiritual in many corners of the world is to shut down any real opportunity for conversation. Inner work is rather universal.

In the conversation, they were talking about how the western (read: white) notion of Buddhism (which is williams’s tradition) is centered around meditation, which is largely a solo act. She talked about how this says more about us than it does about Buddhism. This got me thinking about how our inner work is never truly a solo experience. We often think of it that way, but I think this might be a reflection of how our culture teaches us we need to do things…leaders have to know and to learn and grow in a collective environment (especially if that environment were to be the very space we are to be a leader in) is to constantly fess up to our non knowing.

So, what does it mean to explore our collective inner work? What are the practices? What are the spaces that need to be created? What would that look like in a professional context? What would it look like in a workplace? What does it look like in my life?

I think part of that last question is in my marriage. Part of it is in my work with my colleague. Part of it is in my friendships.

But there are some layers to explore here.

Curious. Want to explore this further.

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