Don’t cast aside the dimes in favor of the dollar, as the dollar is made of dimes. On the most recent Roderick on the Line, Merlin shared something along those lines with John to help highlight how our days and weeks are made of hours and days. We build our lives one moment at a time. How much of the building over the course of decades is intentional? I’ve known my fair share of people for whom it truly is intentional. But none of them came out of the box that way. They all made that choice consciously at one point in their life or another. For some, it was earlier than others. The earlier, the easier. Maybe. I suspect the easy” piece is actually way too arbitrary to get into (and really irrelevant. If it was easy, we’d have all done it, right? So let’s move on).

I’ve been in this question for a while now. How do I perform the kind of reset that course corrects the mind to what I want it to be. One of the biggest pieces of this, I think, is my relationship to technology in general, and the internet (and numerous of its offspring - i.g. Email and social networking) specifically. Deeply connected to these things are habits of thoughts and behaviors. I also think they are related to habits of movement and exercise.

It’s really time for the reset. The experiment begins. The inquiry becomes real.

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