It’s coming

I am uncertain. October may be quite interesting, or it could be quiet (I suppose what I mean by interesting in this case is loud? Or busy?). This may be one of my most lucrative months, or one of my leanest. Things turn on a dime. It’s interesting, when we can pretend to live with some stability. Steady paycheck, schedule, insurance. That is, until we don’t. It may seem the norm to have steadiness and security, but it’s not it’s pretty rare actually. I don’t have any data to back this up, but honestly, I don’t care. I know it’s true in my heart. In my bones.

Right and wrong isn’t the point here, anyway. What is is feeling into what it is that can possibly pull the rug out. What are the things that keep me off balance just enough so as to make it possible to push me off my ground? This kind of uncertainty is one of them. There are others, but this is the one that is present to me now. So there.

We all have them - that’s the point (if ever there was to be one). Things that can knock us off our foundation, that is. The question is, how aware of them are we? And when we become aware of them, how do we prepare ourselves for the inevitability of being knocked down?

It’s coming. Are you ready?

Am I?

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