Sometimes we start over. A career. A yoga practice. A blog post. When it comes to writing, they say the best thing to do is get to what Anne Lamott calls the SFD, or shitty first draft. And sometimes, I think, that means deleting the words that came before and starting with a totally new batch. Such as these. The words that were in this very text document weren’t necessarily bad, they were just irrelevant to the moment. I wrote them hours ago when I thought I had more time. Starting back up with them now seemed silly. So I scrapped them. That’s it. That’s the whole story. Not much else to know about it, other than that I made it to this SFD.

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Not my first go I’m not really much of a closer. I’m more of an idea guy, really. It can be tough for me to move past an initial draft of a thing. I can get a ball
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Remarkable It’s kind of remarkable to be here, isn’t it? This is one of those questions that works on multiple levels - at least for me it does. To be in this