Not my first go

I’m not really much of a closer. I’m more of an idea guy, really. It can be tough for me to move past an initial draft of a thing. I can get a ball filling, and then I generally find myself moving on to something new. I’ve long thought of this as a weakness or some kind of deficit. And perhaps it is, at least in some situations. But perhaps it also gives me something that I’m not seeing just yet.

The only reason I’m bringing it up here is that I’m starting this little blog thing. Again. I have no idea how many started blogs of mine there are out there. They’ve been pushed out to Wordpress or on Squarespace. I’m pretty sure there are several on Blogger. Some sat/sit in a draft mode. Some were published. What I’m curious about here is if I can push this one over the hill, and actually see where it can go.

The secret is in the contract that’s made about it. I’m going to commit to posting I eve a day here for the next 30 days. That’s it. No minimum words. No set topics. Can be work, life, whatever. Just once a day. By 4pm. From today (Sept 15) for 30 days (through Oct 15 for good measure).

Deal? Deal. Now, to post and then add to my to do list.

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SSD Sometimes we start over. A career. A yoga practice. A blog post. When it comes to writing, they say the best thing to do is get to what Anne Lamott