I started posting here on September 15 of last year. That was 255 days ago, including today. My goal was to post one post a day. Well, initially it was a post a day for 30 days. I didn’t quite make it. But I kept posting. Eventually, I aimed for 6 days a week — Sunday through Friday. That’s essentially the goal now, bu things get in the way. Life, you know.

In April, I participated in National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo), and posted all of my poems here. I managed to hit my full goal of posting 30 poems in 30 days. That was kind of cool.

As the title indicates, this post is my 200th on this site. It includes the 30 poems, so that helped make up for some of the slack. I’m okay with that. I’m mostly interested in the way that this practice of writing a little something every day — sometimes more, sometimes less — has helped to connect me to my days and to the ideas moving through me. It’s given me a bit of an outlet. It’s here for me mostly. Perhaps it will find its way to others eventually. I’m not really too concerned with that.

It’s a nice milestone. And it’s nice to mark a milestone. Then, to turn toward the next.


May 27, 2019

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